Prayer Cards

New Prayer Cards, we are the Sowers and the Holy Spirit does the rest.


Several years ago, a Lady attending one of the neighborhood prayer meetings presented a prayer card to the participants, she had found it under her car windshield wiper in the Portland Oregon area. 500 cards were ordered from Prayer Card

This turned out to be more than 12,000 distributed in our area and beyond!

What to do with the cards?

The intent is to leave a positive message wherever we go. We are the sowers and the Holy Spirit does the rest.

  1. When you see a person that is hurting give them a card and a kind word, “This might help.” Some people place them on their bathroom mirror so they can read them each morning.
  2. While at the Doctor’s office leave a card in a magazine you are reading.
  3. Leave one in the Public bathroom.
  4. While at the Grocery store leave one on a shelf.
  5. Give them to the people at church to pass out.
  6. When paying a bill, put a card in the envelope, you’re paying the postage!
  7. Don’t leave home without the cards and let the Holy Spirit guide you, He will surprise you. Now you are an undercover agent for the Lord!


How can I obtain these cards?

For a donation of $40.00 (including shipping) you can get 500 cards.

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